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Lily’s great geomodel T-shirt art.

Our Ecohydrologist Lily Hwang,  also an artist and Abobe Illustrator wrangler, has produced this charming T-shirt graphic.

It features her,  Meriam Lahlou (our amazing multilingual business manager), and me in a loud shirt.

What do you think?  Do you like it? Parlez-vous français?  Will this sell river models?

Want one?

First five legit commenters are in luck!  I need a mailing address and size, use

UPDATE:  Lily, this is it!  Was I the originator of the outside box?  If so, my bad 🙂

But the constraints of the green box forced us into some cool composition, didn’t it?  (“Geomodels”should be in lower case, one more tweak.)

Beautiful, Lily.