​Emriver River Models
& Flumes

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Our founder originally designed a river process model for teaching stakeholders difficult concepts of stream management. Since their inception and further development, our models have been used as powerful tools for classrooms, research labs, and outreach programs. Our river model users include universities, museums, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, government agencies, non-profits, research labs, and more.

Our Em2, Em3, and Em4 process models are great tools for teaching concepts about rivers and beaches. This type of process model is often called a stream table. We have developed several mixes of unique plastic sand, and they serve as the modeling media in our stream table river models.

Our hydraulic flume, the Emflume1, is a turnkey desktop open channel flume for demonstrating fluid mechanics, river habitat hydraulics, and sediment transport. It’s designed for portability, and it is easy to use in a lab or classroom setting.

The models are excellent at teaching the effects of river disruption, such as channelization, gravel mining, changes in land use, and restoration. It is hands-on learning that all types of students can benefit from. You can also observe natural river processes, such as sediment transportation and erosion. For examples of classroom activities and labs, see our Applications Pages.