Demonstrate river conservation principles to people of all ages and educational backgrounds

Engage students in their STEM education with our interactive stream tables

Conduct research in diverse disciplines with our dynamic river models and science instruments

Observe sediment transport processes with our unique color-coded modeling media

Study fluid mechanics and river habitat hydraulics with our portable desktop flume

River Modeling

Our mission is to improve river conservation and science education worldwide with our unique, hands-on stream tables and hydraulic flumes.

Our models are STEM tools that create immersive experiences.  People of all ages are naturally drawn to them.

We create videos that are free to all. See our videos page and YouTube Channel to check them out. Keep an eye on our YouTube for our periodic interactive livestreams. We also have some of our videos on Vimeo, which you can easily download.

You can search our blog to see the history of our river process models and learn about general happenings in the world of fluvial geomorphology.