riparian rap

An idealist for thirty years.

I’m not much on birthdays or god (especially considering the current uses of religion) but I dreamed last night that I met god, and only at lunch today did Kate notice “it was on your birthday!” Not sure what that means, but I hope that I’m not due for a real meeting. Not soon, anyway.

I tried to find a digital image of my parents, but found this instead, me at the US Coast Guard Academy in 1977. As a “swab” or freshman, I’m mopping and gathering newspapers.

I applied because we were poor and it was a ticket to an Ivy League education, and I wanted to save lives on the high seas. I resigned because I couldn’t tolerate the “Mikey Mouse.” Respecting rank regardless of character. Imagine that these days.

My experiences there were unbelievable–A year of of intense training and stress and learning; but of course I’m glad I left. I wish those who stayed, and those who left, all the best.