riparian rap

Emriver Em2 video completed.

Over the weekend I finished a three-minute video overview of our Emriver Em2. I spent a lot of time on this; we built special lights and rearranged the workshop to shoot it. I’ve never actually shot a serious movie like this with two-camera shots, a script, and live actors. Everybody at LRRD did a great job, and Rachel Frank and Checo Col√≥n-Gaud were great actors. We couldn’t have found better.

My wife Katherine Poulos did the narration. She’s got a wonderful voice and great talent for this. It took us a few takes, especially with dogs barking, planes flying over, and other interruptions that plague the makeshift sound studio.

Here’s the high-resolution, 32mb version on our site, and a 12mb low-res version. I’ve also posted it on YouTube here.

Here I am shooting Rachel and the Emriver’s box, with Cara helping with the shot list and other things.