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Science in the South at SIU – Em2 stream table

Little River had the chance to visit with local teachers and show an Emriver Em2 stream table at the annual Science in the South conference at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale on January 31.

Around 250 teachers from Southern Illinois came to attend sessions addressing subjects ranging from the new Illinois Science Assessment to the upcoming 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

As STEM gets more attention at both the K-12 and university level, we’re always happy to show off our hands-on tools for teaching about river processes. Our stream tables are powerfully engaging STEM tools. Several teachers said they could watch the Em2 stream table happenings all day.

Many teachers remarked they’d seen stream tables before, but not one like the Em2. They were intrigued by special modeling media as opposed to lithic sand. Our media takes river modeling to another level. Teachers liked how useful the Em2 stream table would be for demonstrating properties of erosion and sedimentation.

We’re looking forward to meeting with more science teachers from around the country at this year’s National Science Teaching Association conference in April in Boston. We’ll have an Em2 stream table with us. Hope to see you at NSTA Boston!