riparian rap

95 mpg in Carbondale.

Kate and I love living in Carbondale. So many good things in such a small town.

We took our scooters to the farmer’s market Saturday morning. I’ve got a Stella, an Indian-made copy of an early 1970’s Vespa, with an updated engine. Kate has a Honda Metropolitan. They both get around 95 mpg, though of course we’re only getting half that when we take two into town, about the same (50 mpg) a Prius or VW tdi would! Aside from that spoiler, they’re great fun for shopping trips into town, and they do beat cars (as bicycles do) handily in not needing all that damn pavement for driving and parking.

Both scoots needed a fill up. The eight dollars plus for two gallons of premium was a shock! We’re used to laughing at what it costs to fill them. I can’t imagine what people driving guzzlers are going through.

Back to cool Carbondale: We enjoyed a beautiful Greek wedding. The family’s close to Kate’s. The father of the bride owns Southern Recycling and has been a great friend to LRRD. I’ll not print names because I don’t want searches for these popular people to end here.

Here’s a photo of a quartet at the wedding. They were fabulous musicians and great fun. Kate hummed and sang many of the Greek hymns, something I’d never heard before. The day was a marvelous late spring day, one of the few sunny ones we’ve had this year, though it rained later.