riparian rap

An amazing Friday.

In the last six months of running LRRD I’ve learned to endure dark days. Like yesterday, a day of researching pumps. Yes, pump research. How many amps? How many liters/hour in a gallon/minute? I spent four hours correcting, and then explaining to other people, a mistake I made in the Em4 CAD drawing.

But the sun rose today and Ben Griffiths, a teacher at the New City School in St. Louis, arrived to pick up an Emriver model to be used by the River Kids, a river conservation group formed by 4-6 graders there. We gave him and his two sons a demonstration, talked a bunch about rivers and education and had the pleasure of tying the model onto his roof rack. Much better than forklifting it onto a truck.

This model will be featured at a benefit for the New City School at the City Museum next month. We’re very excited about this (somebody needs to book rooms, Cara). And about a VW Beetle Riverkids located in the Mississippi River. That might become an Emriver-Bug hybrid, we’ll see.

Late in the day we met with educators and civic leaders from Carbondale to collaborate on another NSF grant, including Harvey Henson (far left) and Scott Ishman (upper right), from SIUC Geology, and Cache River managers Tracy and Jim, great people. Cara, Jesse, and I talked about our modified Emriver and Em4 plans. A nice change for me, from pump research.