riparian rap

Amazing last day of AGU 2011.

Today we finished an amazing five days at AGU in San Francisco.

We planned for months.   Meriam, Lily, Christina, and Alee took care of complex logistics.  Nathan, Jim,  and I built and packed parts for the new Em3.

We worked together when a shipper lost half our stuff, and celebrated its recovery and arrival 15 minutes before the exhibits opened on Tuesday.

Hundreds of scientists and students visited our booth, many with strong interest in using our models for teaching and research.

Dozens of scientists from outside the United States left cards; from France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Lily was her usual awesome self (especially with the little visitors)  and our volunteer, SIUC-IGERT PhD candidate Anne Hayden helped with setup, teardown, and the many times when we had twenty or more visitors at once.

Tonight Lily took us through bustling downtown San Francisco to get the best in Thai food, ordered in the native language, of course.

Thanks to everybody.