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An Emriver Em2 ships to Australia!

An Emriver Em2 bound for Australia!

Today we shipped our first Em2 to Australia. It’ll travel over ten thousand miles by land and sea, arriving at Charles Sturt University in Thurgoona, New South Whales, Australia early in August, where it will live in the School of Environmental Sciences and teach students about river and floodplain ecology.
We celebrate our first shipment to Australia.

Twenty years ago our founder, Steve Gough, with colleagues at the Missouri Department of Conservation, designed crude portable river models as a hands-on solution to the problem of explaining the effects of gravel mining. They were a smashing success then, and we’ve greatly improved them since. Emriver models now span the Globe, helping students, stakeholders, and citizens learn about geomorphology, ecology, and how rivers work.

The faculty and staff at Charles Sturt University have been enthusiastic and wonderful to work with, making this big event an even sweeter one for us.