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Anna Durrett joins LRRD!

Anna in the lab with an Emflume1 prototype, showing her usual upbeat attitude!


We’re thrilled to announce that Anna Durrett joined Little River as Research Assistant this spring.

She’s jumped into her work with enthusiasm and grace, and she has adapted quickly to the wide variety of tasks we throw her way.

Anna is doing a fabulous job in both sales and support.  She helps Meriam (our Business Director) stay on top of the books.  She organizes all of our overseas shipments.  She manages the logistics of the many conferences we attend.  She’s even written a blog post about this year’s flooding in Colorado.

Anna brings valuable knowledge and experience to Little River.She’s a dual-degree graduate of the University of Missouri, with a bachelor’s degrees in journalism and economics.  Before she joined us, she worked as a reporter and editor of the Madison Record newspaper in Madison, Ala. She also freelanced as a copywriter and graphic designer.Anna has a strong interest in science.  She worked at a space camp in her hometown of Huntsville, Ala. after graduating from college, where she taught the camp kids about the science and history of space travel.

Anna is dedicated activist and is active in several admirable causes.  She is a vegan, and an animal rights activist.  Since moving to Southern Illinois, she has organized demonstrations for animal welfare, and she has organized several vegetarian and vegan social meet-ups at Carbondale’s interfaith center, the Gaia House.  She volunteers for our local Women’s Center, where she works the emergency hotline and advocates for sexual assault victims at area hospitals. She is also LGBTIQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Intersexed/Questioning) SafeZone trained.

She has been a wonderful addition to our team.  We are impressed with the work she has done so far, and everything she has learned about river science and policy in the short time she’s been with us.  We admire her activism and volunteer work.  And we enjoy working with her every day; her sense of humor and upbeat spirit make her a great colleague.