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Are fluvial geomorphologists made or born?

I lost my Mom a year ago.

Going through her papers today I found this; eight-year-old me writing my best friend Corby Wiggins; in 1966.  We lived in Hope, Arkansas

My Dad was taking me to camp on the Red River southwest of Hope.  I wondered if the river might “wash our bridge down if it rises.”

I’ve spent the last 20 or so years of my life working on that question.


Dear Corby,
My Father is going to buy a camper this friday and we are going to Red River to camp. I wish you could come to and maybe you can! and down by the river the[re] is a island of pure sand and on it you can have loads of fun.  and on it also are little pools of water cool and clear and good to swim in and there is a good spot down by the river thats great for fishing. and hiking but the place I like the best is the island we might build a bridge across the narrow creek that runs between it but if we did the river might wash it down when is rises but it would be fun to build it anyway.  good-by for now.

your friend




The Red River southwest of Hope, Arkansas.

The Red River southwest of Hope, Arkansas.