riparian rap

Beautiful spring Sunday, with two kinds of worms.

I went into work early and finished testing our valve and metering array for the Em4. It’s working, and at least conceptually finished. We may have figured out our media color scheme as well, we’ll see. Here’s the ugliest combination for fun.

Spring was perfect today. Beautiful weather. Kate worked this morning, too, but in the afternoon we took our first bike ride of the year.

We visited the SIUC greenhouses and, besides the flowers we were looking looking for, noticed a handwheel, worm gear, and rack mechanism used to open the greenhouse vents. It’s eerily like what we have in mind for part of the Em4 articulation, but a thing you might see once or twice in a lifetime. I’ll take it as a nice omen, and design inspiration.

Carbondale is such a great place for cycling.

Later on Kate dug in the garden and insisted I look at the worm gear’s namesake, so here’s a picture of that.

Kate’s imitating Richard Virenque, a showboating professional cyclist we like to make fun of. A few years ago he denied he was blood doping after being caught during le Tour with bags of his blood with his name written on them.