riparian rap

Big scale today, more climate.

We did a silly thing today: We’d like to be able to have plastic media for the Emriver and future models that coded by size, i.e. each size class would be a different color. This seems to be outside the current plastic media technology. This stuff is produced from recycled material and can’t be sorted before grinding.

So we considered an electromechanical sorter that would pick up particles and sort them by size. The coarsest particles we use weigh about 1 mg each. There are about 104,000,000 particles in the 180 pounds of media used in an Emriver model. Machine sorting this much at even 10 particles per second would take several months. So that’s out.

Moving on up, it seems there’s a squall line going from Galveston to Lake Erie. Flood warnings everywhere in the Midwest. Insane temperature changes (40 degrees plus here tomorrow). Carbondale is seeing serious urban flooding tonight, with Highway 13 impassable.

And I’ve added WaterWired at Oregon State to our links, good stuff.