riparian rap

Bike friendly Carbondale.

The post-atrial-fibrillation-scare Steve is serious about exercise.

Between running all our errands on bikes Saturday, and some serious road biking today, I put in 65 miles over the long weekend. Feels great. Kate and I love to ride, especially on these gorgeous blue-sky early summer days.

You see so many things you’d never notice in a car. We stopped to admire some of SIUC’s friendly horses on Pleasant Hill Road. And some very cute little goats out on New Era. Putting around town (that’s my new commuter bike, and new hat) we see lots of friends and often stop to talk.

It could be my imagination, media reports are mixed, but it seems a lot more folks are out on bikes because of gas prices, and perhaps the final realization that our society has really been dumb about automobile use.

Except for some problems with lack of good routes, Carbondale is very bike friendly. There even seems to be a change in driver attitudes, which seems most apparent when we have the panniers on. Maybe they think we’re too poor to afford gas.

I only worked a couple of hours in three days, another good change.