riparian rap

Bragging on my peeps. (And a making fun.)

Two Emriver models are going out to a Minnesota university next week. We like these clients a lot. It’s been a sort of christening for Cara and Jesse, and I’m really proud of them.

It’s like that feeling you get when something makes you really, really, proud.

Anyway, Jesse has been ably working with a southern Illinois machine shop on parts for our Em4 model, hints in the photo. He goes off to meetings and comes back having been smart and capable, and with good news for LRRD. He and Cara have also been working on shipping–a serious problem for our bulky Emriver models (and perhaps why all the other models are too small to be useful).

Dayna is doing great things for LRRD, and for sustainable agriculture, and her family (and we’ve just heard she’s going to be a grandma this year).

And we worked on getting a booth at the 2008 GSA national meeting in Houston. Cara was great on the phone, calling I don’t know how many people to see how we’d get a pool table filled with water into a convention center. The Emriver is nothing to get from your pickup into a classroom, but hauling it into a giant convention center (sorry, you can’t use a dolly) and getting the 27 gallons of water for the reservoir can be tricky.

Our sunrise east of Carbondale was beautiful this morning. Some ice with a crazy wind-blown snow plaster. Here’s a photo.

And I worked on the geomorphology of sampling Manhattan Project-related radioactive contaminants in streams.