riparian rap

The British Emriver invasion, blog honors.

A fluvial geomorph prof I admire has strong interest in getting an Emriver model over the ocean to the UK. Very exciting.

Speaking of Europe, there’s this workshop in France next summer. Years ago a British river scientist reminded me that the UK had not one square meter of ecologically pristine riparian ecosystem. I guess it’s the same for much of Europe.

I’m surprised and honored to be listed on the sidebar at Elizabeth Suddith’s blog.

Hers is the first serious river restoration blog in the history of the internets, and I hope she keeps on. It’s a lot of work, especially in her case I think, because there seems to be very little ego there.

Today I put together an ad for the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. Look for it in January. That’s Kimi Artita, who worked with me on the video last year and had some great ideas on dye injection for visualization.