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Building Better Infrastructure

Emriver geomodels can help states and communities demonstrate river management practices that can be applied during construction or development projects, and during pre-disaster mitigation and post-disaster recovery.

The State of Vermont has been using our models to do just this. The Vermont Agencies of Natural Resources, in partnership with Vermont Agency of Transportation, developed the Rivers and Roads Program following Tropical Storm Irene in 2011. They use the Emriver Em2 geomodel to explain how rivers work, and how to design, construct, and maintain roads and bridges to create greater river stability and more flood-resilient transportation infrastructure. The Program trains all VT Agency of Transportation operation staff, as well as municipal roads departments, private sector engineers, and heavy equipment contractors. The training focuses on fluvial geomorphology and how it can inform flood recovery construction.

The Program creators have shared their training program with us, and more information can be found on their website. They were recently featured on a PBS special in an excellent video on how the program works.

Our new website features helpful resources like this, and many other applications for teaching, research, and outreach. If you have lesson plans or a program you’d like to share with other Emriver users, please contact us at