riparian rap

BYU Em4’s first day.

This video captures most of the Em4’s first day at BYU’s Department of Geological Sciences.

Our Em4 models will energize thousands of science students (look at them!); with this fourth model installed, we’re confident many more will follow.

We’re celebrating that.

Thanks to my wife Kate, who believed in and supported my work.  To my colleagues at LRRD who helped build, pack and ship it, and to Warren Sauer, owner of Sauer Machine in St. Louis, where all the big metal parts were made with great care.

And to the staff, faculty, and students at BYU, who were universally welcoming, helpful, and as you see here, excited about the Em4.

Thanks to Toby Dogwiler at Winona State who demonstrated his Em4 for visiting BYU faculty.

Special thanks to faculty Randy Skinner  and Jani Radebaugh, and student Steve Herbst, who was a huge help with final assembly.