riparian rap

Cara off to RRNW, more media work.

We worked on modeling media issues this week, this time on methods to wash it to remove dust and other debris. Here Cara and Jesse agitate a batch.

The street value of the exotic color-coded-by-size media in the buckets you see here beside an Em4 box is about $6,000.

Cara leaves tomorrow for the River Restoration Northwest (RRNW) symposium near Portland. We’re contributing an Emriver Em2, which will be used at the symposium and then at both Portland State University and Oregon State. Thanks to Janine Castro and Peter Klingeman for facilitating this. It’ll be used for classes and also loaned out.

We all struggled with a winter storm this week–I was the only one to make it a couple of days. Farther south, in Kentucky, the ice was horrible, and many people will be without power for several days.