riparian rap

Carbondale locked in ice, more consulting work.

I sent off our ad for the back cover of the Journal of Geoscience Education today.

We had perhaps a record number of Emriver inquiries today–our second ad in the J. of Soil and Water Conservation is out. But some of these came from a mailing we sent in November. Marketing is a strange thing, another challenge for us.

The weather here is awful. More sleet and freezing rain. SIUC was closed again. Our lot at 514 was a sheet of ice this morning.

Jesse and I worked on the Em4, meeting with a fabricator in Marion, Illinois (who was fresh from the ER after falling on this ice). We continued work on coloring the plastic media. And we had some good news on the Em4 from our St. Louis fabricator–work’s progressing, and they’ve found gigantic sheets of aluminum to make the 4m x 1.5m box without a seam.

And yet another consulting request today, this one from my old colleagues at Reitz & Jens Engineers in St. Louis, to work on Fishpot Creek for MSD. I did a detailed geomorphic analysis of that suburban watershed a few years ago. With some frequency now I get called back to creeks I’ve studied, and it’s a great feeling to pull these reports off the shelf and put the work to use helping rivers and people.