riparian rap

Carbondale winter roller coster.

Here’s a view out our window at home across the frozen pond (and past a couple of tropical plants). Nice to see the sun after a few days of heavy overcast. The other photo is of a pine seedling in the yard.

I was finally well enough to go into work a bit today, and was surprised to see all the ice damage and how big the plow piles were. We got an awful snow-ice-freezing rain mix that has a lot of people’s cars frozen to the ground, and there are many people going a few days now without power. Cara had to hack her car out of the ice to get in this morning. What dedicated people we have!

Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to nearly 50F, and then guess what?

Some interesting consulting calls this week. We may help the City of Maryland Heights, Missouri (NW St. Louis County) with stormwater planning. I’ve done a lot of geomorphic and bioengineering work there. Emriver requests continue to come in, and we may even do some work in Carbondale this year. Jesse’s making some nice acrylic prototype models for the Em4.