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Citizen Outreach and River Education in India

Little River is excited to see our second Emriver model in India! The Mahseer Trust’s Kaveri Mission has been engaging with audiences in southern India, demonstrating the importance of natural river processes using the Emriver Em2 model. Already in February 2018 they’ve reached 1,000 students around Bangalore, from The Frank Anthony Public School, the Mysore Natural History Museum, and several other schools and venues.

Watch the videos on their facebook page.

The goal of the Kaveri Mission is to engage with stakeholders—from tribal populations who depend on the river to city-based politicians with influence over water resource management and deforestation—to address a broad range of issues that affect the health of the Cauvery (or Kaveri) River catchment and the rapidly declining population status of the iconic Mahseer fish, which is endemic to the Cauvery.

It’s a fabulous kit and just what we needed to engage audiences in India and convince people (kids through to politicians) that rivers need to be respected as life giving natural systems.

Adrian Pinder

Trustee, Director of Research, Mahseer Trust

It really has been a thrill to see the reactions, both from students and teachers. We have met so many people in the last 3 days who have learned about our visits through the grapevine and taken time off from work to visit a session and request we build an even bigger conservation message through the use of the Emriver table.

Steve Lockett

Officer, Education and Outreach, Mahseer Trust