riparian rap

Cool machines, the Em4 gets closer to done.

We’re crazy busy; doing some emergency assessment on the St. Louis creek where a few houses are threatened, building and shipping Emriver models, and of course working on our Em4.

We got nearly 2,000 pounds of ground melamine last Friday. It’s sorted by color and size, and as far as I know is the only batch of its kind on the planet. We can’t wait to get some into a model, but that’ll have to wait for now.

Jesse’s been hard at work on the Em4’s pumping and electrical systems. Today he pressure tested it for the first time, and it worked beautifully.

Kate’s been commuting to work on her bike and loving it, and getting strangely positive responses from people, even those in cars. Gas prices and the warm weather must be making people think it’s so easy to do this in Carbondale. Are they talking about this on TV, maybe?

A very cool video of kids getting hauled around in a neat bike.