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Education and Outreach at LRRD.

Christina and Nathan teach at EcoU summer camp
Editor’s note:  This is the second of what I hope are many posts written by our new Creative Director Alee Quick.

At LRRD, we have a strong commitment to using our products for education, and we’re happy to put our models and people to work around the community, usually pro bono.

Throughout the summer, we’ve been visiting schools and day camps, and we hosted Ph.D. students from SIUC participating in IGERT, which is NSF’s interdisciplinary training program.

Lily has been training Nathan and Christina to take over some of the educational stuff, and Nathan has conducted a few teaching events himself at the EcoU and FishU summer camps and at Carbondale New School, where he taught students between pre-k and high school ages about erosion and stream armoring using the Em2.

The IGERT Ph.D. students spent a morning in our shop learning about fluvial geomorphology and practicing stream surveying in the Em4.

We’re proud that Nathan and Christina have stepped up to take part in outreach events. With more people pitching in, we look forward to upcoming teaching opportunities as the school year gets underway.

Students at the SIUC EcoU summer
camp with the Em2


SIUC IGERT students Aaron Nickolotsky and Anne
Hayden measure a channel in the Em4