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EGU 2013, more dots on the map, thermal velocimetry.

Meriam at EGU in Vienna last week
Jim, Lily, and Nathan load three Em2 geomodels today

Our Meriam is back from EGU 2013, where she respresented us in her four languages.  She’s jet-lagged and exhausted, but bears lots of good news.

Three Em2 models left this afternoon; off to do good things, way more than dots on a map to us.

Jim and I continued work on a thermal velocimeter for our models.  A nifty concept used a lot for air.  Not so easy to apply in water.

I should let this concept go for something simpler, but the physical interactions; thermodynamics, electronics, fluid mechanics, are fascinating.

Notes in instruments for thermal velocimeter R&D


Power-resistance curves for thermistors we’re testing
A thermistor being tested in the flume.