riparian rap

Em2 redesign progress, collaboration with SIUC engineering.

We’re closing in on the new Em2 design.  It’s very exciting, but agonizing.  This CAD screenshot shows just a few of the two dozen or so leg attachment designs we’ve considered.  I’m insisting on something that’s super strong, safe, simple, and field repairable.  I’m not interested in selling replacement parts, I want to build the ultimate educational tool.  Things should not break or wear out and if they do, they should be locally repairable.

And not easy when all my collaborators are in the same boat I am–having to constantly watch cash flow and go towards the things that bring in money in this terrible economy.

Here you can see me with a wooden mock-up.  This thing is complicated because the box is sloped ~3.5 degrees, and the legs splay ~10 degrees in two directions, but not the same on each end because of the box slope.

And here’s a photo of Lizette Chevalier, civil engineering faculty at SIUC, with her daughter Rosa and a grad student she brought by this week.  We’re hoping to work on river modeling research.  I was very happy to see both the grad student and 11-year-old have a lot of fun with our lab model, thanks Lizette.