riparian rap

Em4 design and build. And blogging.

I finished a lot of admin things today and sent out some invoices for consulting. Just cranked. I’d like to say it was satisfying. It is very interesting, always. My typical day now is like a very busy day at the old home office I had for 16 years, and a very busy day goes by in 15 minutes.

This is a good part of why I write this blog, so I can look back later and not see just a blur.

Jesse did a superb job building a scale testbed for the Em4. I wanted to be out in the shop today (I rarely am) but I’m glad he did all the work because it’s better than what I’d have produced.

We had our first Farmer’s Market in Carbondale over the weekend. I just now found my first tick. I talked at Nicholas Pinter’s geomorphology class at SIUC yesterday, and enjoyed it very much.