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The Em4 in Winona, Minnesota.

I’m posting from a hotel in Janesville, WI. In the last two days Jesse and I’ve driven about 850 miles and successfully installed our first Emriver Em4 in the Science Learning Center, a stunning new building at Winona State University.

This project had to happen fast, and we added our new color-coded media to this big box for the fist time. The results were incredible and everybody was very happy. The new media and bigger box make a huge difference, and despite my hundreds (thousands?) of hours of using them it was like seeing one for the first time. We spent maybe 45 minutes just making a big delta, changing base level a few times. Not at all boring with this machine.

The windows you see in the bottom picture open into the huge atrium (top photo), so students can look through and see the model in use. There’s even a webcam. That’s Cathy Summa, who along with Toby Dogwiler, made all this happen. Thanks, ya’ll.

More later.