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Em4 installation at St. Louis University.

We installed an Emriver Em4 model at the St. Louis University (SLU) Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences on Friday.

Several faculty members there are interested in the model. Since we’re only two hours away, and there really is no substitute for seeing the model firsthand, I decided to loan it to them for for a trial run.

The model sits on the third floor of Maclwane Hall, with a beautiful view to the east and north, including the Arch. Despite the three story climb for the 4m x 1.5 meter box (bottom photo) the installation went without a hitch.

As is always the case, everybody was wowed. These models are magnificent tools.

We worked with faculty in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences to arrange this, including David Kirchner and Ana Londono, who joined SLU last year.

Ana (second photo, center) is shown teaching her first class only an hour after the model became operational.

We’re very excited about this, and hope SLU will decide to give this Em4 a permanent home. They’re close enough for collaborative work, and SLU is in a great geographical location for workshops on movable bed models that we hope to initiate next year.

We’ll be visiting again next week for a meeting with interested faculty.

SLU has a rich history. The department of geophysics (renamed in 1969) was founded as the first in the western hemisphere in 1925.

Update:  Google Maps location of the lab and model here.  If you’re driving, best to park in the Laclede Garage on the east side of Grand Ave.