riparian rap

The Em4 moves.

I’m just too damn busy with consulting work to post much now, but here’s a little Quicktime movie showing the Em4’s articulation mechanism, made from a series of stills in Winona State’s wetlab. You can see Toby Dogwiler and Cathy Summa (the faculty we worked with) along with me (Steve), Jesse, and a few students and visitors who dropped by.

The Em4 moves 8 degrees (5 percent, I think I have that right) in the roll and pitch axes, both at the same time if you’re coordinated.

This movie will give you a hint of the incredible capabilities of the model. I initially designed it with video in mind, but we’re currently not funded for that, having struck out with NSF. This thing, especially with the new media, will make some fantastic movies when we do have the money.