riparian rap

Em4 nearly done, karmic policemen.

An especially eventful day today. Cara and Jesse are going on vacation–she to our eastern seaboard all next week, where her children will see the sea for the first time. Jesse’s going on a motorcycle tour in the Smokies for three days with friends. So the day was spiced with anticipation of being away from work for a while.

Meanwhile we worked our asses off. Dayna dealt with slow payers and the never-ending detail of finances and management, and things I don’t know about, but appreciate much.

The Emriver’s very popular. Jesse’s worried we won’t be able to build them fast enough, and he readied another for shipping today.

Cara’s got the Emriver marketing and selling process in hand. None of us at LRRD are profit-motivated salespeople, but buyers need to be aware of our models, talk with us about them and decide to buy. We have to ship them out and get money back. Cara knows the science, is a wonderful communicator, and can deal with the logistics of purchase orders, sole-source documents, and Roadway Freight.

Jessie and I are working with a southern Illinois machine shop to redesign the Emriver horses and constantly struggling with details on the hundreds of parts the Emriver and the Em4 require.

Tomorrow I’m headed to St. Louis to pick up most of the parts for our first Em4. As Jesse and I worked in the shop, a young man ran past the open garage door (Photoshopped rendition) followed by a cop.

They both crossed heavy traffic on Main. We watched as the policeman sort of reached for his sidearm, and as the young man threw his arms up and the arrest was nonviolent. This was, we think, the culmination of several weeks of undercover cops, sometime using our parking lot, to set up a sting in the neighborhood.

As this took place in our lot and across the street, we continued our work. A crack dealer from behind our building was chased through our lot, nearly got shot, and we have more interesting things to take care of! We did.

Yesterday a policeman accosted me near the Long Branch because I let my dog off leash for about 10 seconds. It was ugly, he was crude and disrespectful. I kept my mouth shut, and tried to understand the stresses of his job. I won’t forgive this guy for his behavior, but it was cathartic to witness this dramatic bust and be reminded of what cops and their prey go through.