riparian rap

The Emflume takes another step forward.

Could you use a small 2D flume to teach fluid mechanics to your engineering, stream ecology, and geoscience students?

I got this small prototype in working mode today.  We hope to build a version that would sit on the end of our Em2 models.

I should thank the amazing Steven Vogel for helping me with the design, which uses a propeller pump like his “swim tunnels” used for fish research.  It’s a very efficient and interesting way to short-lift a lot of water.  The motor at upper left drives a shaft and propeller in a 3-inch duct.  Flow circulates clockwise.  Here you see it pumping around 1.5 cfs using only a couple of amps and making very little noise.

Having the fluid mechanics part nearly done, we have to integrate mass production, safety issues, economics, university science curriculum, and a dozen more things to get to a final design.

The middle photo shows hydraulic jump over a broad wier; at bottom you see a flash photo I took of the sheet aluminum propeller we made running at around 800 rpm.