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Emriver Em2 geomodel redesign, can you help?

We’re continuing our redesign of the venerable Emriver Em2.  I expect we’ll be building a lot of these in the next few years, and as I’ve mentioned here before, now is a good time to step back and see how we can make it better.

Here you can see the major changes.  The box is only slightly smaller; the decreased depth fools the eye and makes it look much smaller, but the box was deeper than it needed to be, and we’re eliminating extra metal, weight, and cost.  The old box was efficient in that it was made from a complete 4’x8′ sheet of aluminum.

The new box, and the entire setup, will be smaller, lighter, and easier to set up, and also shippable via UPS, which will further reduce cost and hassle, especially for export.

The new Em2 will have smaller legs that attach to the box; these will weigh half what the old ones did, and can be converted for lab use with the addition of casters.

Lots of good things.

But most importantly, can you help?  If you’re a current Em2 user, please head over to Survey Monkey and take a very short survey.  Give us as much information as you can.

And even if you’re not an Emriver user, we welcome your input.  Thanks!