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Emriver Em2 user update 1.

Regular readers please forgive me;  I’ll be using the blog now and then to help new users of our redesigned Em2 models.  We’ve had a few of the inevitable annoyances that come with sending a redesigned instrument into the wild.

Including having shipments destroyed by UPS.  Arrg.  Thanks for your patience and understanding, new Em2 owners!

In this post I’ll cover key changes, all in the plumbing system, that aren’t covered in the old manual.  We won’t update the official manual until these are ironed out.

This short video describes how to hook up the power supply to the pump controller and pump.  The simplified controller uses a single knob to change flow rate.  We’ve stopped the presses on the original digital controllers until we work some bugs out, as I say in the video, we tried a bit too hard.  We’ll be shipping the final product to everybody when this is finished, free of charge.  In the meantime, the simple “greybox” will work work fine.

Here’s a diagram of the circuit.  The GFCI is very important–it’s the yellow device that prevents electric shock, please use it!

Click on images for larger versions.

Some early models shipped with an energy dissipater that included an inlet.  These have proved both hard to build and fragile in the field; we’re working on that, and as always will get the final design to you, and I promise it’ll be bulletproof.

Today we discovered a little problem with the “greybox” controller.  If the Anderson plugs on the pump and power cables weren’t joined in our shop exactly straight, the plugs can come apart too easily and fall out.  A strange little glitch.

We spent months researching and chosing these plugs.  And we still like them.  If yours don’t hold well, either fix them by heating the shrink tubing and gently straightening them, or send them to us and we’ll gladly take are of it.

In this case, quite literally “straighten it out.”

And please don’t hesitate to call us for help.