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Emriver Em2 video shoot success.

We’ve realized for a while now that we needed a short video showing the components of the Emriver Em2 model and how they go together. Even people who see the model in use have trouble believing how easy it is to store and transport–that part of the design isn’t apparent. So (after a lot of planning) we spent most of Sunday shooting in the shop. My two models were Checo Colón-Gaud, who recently finished a PhD in Zoology at SIUC, and Rachel Frank, who’s in Theater (and also the world’s best, most cheerful server at the Longbranch Coffee House). These two did a wonderful job, and though the shoot was grueling, lasted through nearly four hours with energy and cheer. Thanks, Checo and Rachel.

This was the first shoot like this I’ve done, with a script and two cameras (both operated by me). Not an easy thing to get right, but we made only a couple of minor errors.

I’m editing now and hope to have the movie posted in a week or so. Here Checo and Rachel pose with Stephanie Rhodes, our new business manager, who, though she wasn’t feeling to hot, came in on a Sunday to help with the shoot.