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Emriver Geomodel Tilting Bases

Little River offers unique tools for understanding river processes in natural environments. Our three-meter Em3 and four-meter Em4 employ a strongly modular design to accommodate differing needs and budgets. This also allows for effortless upgrades. We offer a variety of instrumentation and research accessories, along with tilting bases. The tilting bases allow rapid changes in river valley slope and flow velocity which expand the capabilities of our models, allowing study of tectonic controls on river form, sedimentology, and delta geomorphology. Watch our new video below to learn more.

Like all our products, these tilting bases are designed for practical education and research. These robust machines are highly engineered for precision, durability, and long life with very little maintenance.

Emriver dual tilt bases for Em3 and Em4 models. from Little River Research on Vimeo.