riparian rap

Emriver models on a northbound truck.

Today we had a beautiful sunny day in Carbondale, and shipped two Emriver models to a Minnesota university.

Our packing and shipping system needed fixing, so we did that. We’ve worked to make the Emriver as simple as it can be and do its job, but still there are a lot of parts. Here Jesse and Cara work on streamlining the system (and on how many hose clamps go in this bag?)

Cara and Jesse have also been working on reducing shipping costs, which have escalated with fuel prices. Both have spent hours on the phone figuring out densities and classes and discounts and how barges get to Alaska, and how fast.

The freight system is happiest with large volume shippers, which we aren’t. The costs of packing and shipping are very high for small scale production like ours.

But we make the only high quality small (portable, etc.) moveable bed river model in the world, so we’ll put up with that, and hope our clients understand why the Emriver costs what it does.