riparian rap

An Emriver out, Em4 design/build, more spring.

Jessie and I cranked on Em4 pump testing, electronics, flow measurement, and the dye injection system. We are getting some hard lessons in hydraulics. The piped and centrifugal pump version has important differences from the open-channel kind I know well.

Today it was spring without a doubt, and Cara moved her electronic domain to the garage so she could get some sun. She’s used to a field season starting about now, and being outside.

We sent a baby out into the world today, an Emriver off to New York State. Shipping these has been a pain in the past, but that’s been fixed. All the work that everybody but Steve has done on this came to fruition today, and a truck came, was loaded in a few minutes, and left. Everything made sense (to them, I have no idea how it works).

We connected with some interesting people in Kansas today, and also in Minnesota. The Emriver sells itself when people see it. I hope we can soon rely only on that means of advertising, because marketing is boring for all of us.