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Emriver outreach in southern lllinois.

We’re super busy at LRRD with consulting work, redesign of the Em2 model, and other projects. And anxiously awaiting word on the NSF proposal we submitted in January. If we’re funded we’ll be doing a lot more work like this, but for now it’s all pro bono.

Lily’s done two cool programs, one with SIUC and the other with the Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale.

She worked with Andrew Podoll (a GK-12 HEART Fellow at SIUC) at the Science Team of Saluki Kids Academy at SIUC last week, which is part of Carbondale’s “I Can Read” program. The photo shows how much kids love the models.

Lily took an Emriver Em2 to the Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale for River Week, and Andrew was kind enough to volunteer to help.

We are working hard to find funding for programs like this; so far it’s all out of pocket. But I get a huge kick out of seeing these kids enjoy our models, and Lily’s getting great experience using them with young people.  And of course we want to do good things here in Carbondale.

The last photo shows Meriam Lahlou, our business manager, with Lily Hwang and Andrew Podoll.  Thanks, Andrew.