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Emriver Product Giveaway

Emriver would like to announce an exciting first from our small business. We’re giving away an Em2 stream table through an online sweepstakes to one lucky winner!!! Because Emriver models are primarily used for teaching and research, it will be awarded to a school or non-profit. To enter, please follow the instructions provided with our contest listing. Students, friends, and family can all help your odds of winning by entering on behalf of their favorite teacher or non-profit organization. In addition to this big prize, we are also giving away 50 runner-up prizes featuring Emriver merchandise like mechanical pencils and t-shirts. Make sure to check the contest terms and conditions to ensure you’re eligible and following all the rules for entry. If you’re as excited as we are about this opportunity, make sure to share and get the word out!!!

Enter the online giveaway by clicking here

Children using an Emriver Em2 Stream Table

Kids involved with the Boy Scouts of America learning how rivers work on an Emriver Em2 stream table