riparian rap

Emriver to NY State, the Em4 takes shape.

Jesse and I worked on the Em4’s control cart today. It’ll hold the main pump, flowmeters, valves, UV sterilizer, and a few other things. Still a big pile of expensive hardware, but soon it’ll be a very nice instrument.

Jesse has done a great job on the cart’s main frame. Here he subtly adjusts part of it with bolt cutters.

We got a shipment of redesigned horses for the Emriver model today. We like them.

Cara finalized an Emriver sale to a NY State client today. She’s done a great job with the frustrating details of shipping; she also worked on getting a model to (and into, figuring out the Customs things) Canada.

Kate and I walked along the little creek running north through eastern Carbondale. It’s closed roads more than once during our ongoing wet weather. Here’s a view north across Grand Avenue. Clearly the flow topped Grand and tore out a lot of soil on both sides of this (undersized) culvert. Some of the densely rooted soil in the foreground washed away, but not much. A nice contrast between hard and soft bank protection.