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Emriver Wave Maker Now Shipping

We are excited to announce that the Wave Maker is now available for the Emriver Em2, Em3, and Em4 models. It has been specifically designed to study coastal geomorphology in our models and can simulate an array of processes, including longshore drift, sediment delivery from river mouths, and, with our color coded media, particle sorting by these processes.

A large stepper motor drives an oscillating paddle on a shaft. The wave maker is driven by a microprocessor-based, open source system made for precise control. Users can adjust wave stroke speed, stroke length, and pause between strokes. The controller also tallies run time and wave count. The Wave Maker is designed for ease of use and very long maintenance-free life.

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Particle sorting of color-coded media after wave maker run in the Em3 model.

Cross section of ripple formation after hours-long run in Em3 model.

In this experiment, the table and media were flooded from the downstream (left) end to model a rising sea level, and the wavemaker was allowed to run for 45 minutes with the table set to 0 degrees tilt to distribute, saturate, and pack the color-coded media. The groundwater valves were then opened to slowly draw water down to about 40% capacity, and the table raised to 1.5% tilt to model falling sea levels and geologic uplift. The wavemaker continued to run for 2 hours without any input from the river pump, after which the model was emptied with the groundwater drains overnight.
Starting from the left, we can observe the formation of a pronounced breaker bar with coarser white and yellow particles building up on top of the finer black and red particles. In the trough between the bar and the beach we can see well-developed ripple marks in the media, and coarse yellow particles spilling off the steep beach step. Farther to the right is a long beach face ending in a sharp swash bar showing the highest reach of the waves at the right edge of the frame. Note the coarse white and yellow particles of our Memphis color-coded media overlaying the finer black and red particles on the beach. The underlying particles both here and in the breaker bar show evidence of prior rippling before the development of an organized beach.