riparian rap

Emriver world domination, local flooding.

We just shipped two Emriver models to Minnesota, and are prepping two for Anchorage, and will likely ship a third to New York State next week. The challenges of shipping to Alaska make us wonder about satisfying our international inquiries.

Carbondale is underwater. Highway 13 at Wall Street (photo here, just east of our building) was closed around rush hour, in both directions. It’s come down at about 0.2 inches an hour here since last night–I have nearly 6 inches in my gage at home.

The USGS reports over 10 inches in the Current River basin in the last 24 hours.

This little creek to the south of my house is out of its banks, something I’ve never seen. It was trashed by its owner last fall, and I blogged that as Jesse Reichman was joining LRRD. Here’s a photo then and today at about 5pm.