riparian rap

Engineering, flu, and a shrine.

Cara’s got the awful flu bug, her poor husband and child have it bad, and Kate’s still kind of got it. We’re in bad shape with this virus. And the ice and unending gray skies don’t help.

Kate and I built this shrine on our mantle in hopes of getting our grants and doing good things at LRRD this year. There’s a crosscut saw from a dear departed relative, the piece of polycarbonate that could’ve taken Jesse’s head off as it exited the cutoff saw but didn’t, some glacier-scratched rocks, a Christmas card featuring some beautiful children, moss (not just any moss, but moss identified by an NSF grant recipient), you get the idea. Everybody at LRRD and some of our friends chipped in.

Wish us luck. The church next door to 514 says today “Why worry when you can pray?” Not bad advice. Anything’s better than worrying.

I redesigned an Em4 part over the weekend; here I work on it in the Long Branch with Kate as she reads the Times. Elaine the proprietor came by and said, “What’s that, a composting toilet?” Shows where her mind is.

Today we built a cardboard version (well, Jesse did) and made some adjustments, and it’ll work very well. We’re continuing work on the plastic media, and our fabricator found huge sheets of 1/8″ aluminum to build the Em4’s without seams, very good news.

Dayna kept us all going, working on the difficult job of deciphering insurance needs, among many other things.