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Cache River, Southern Illinois

The Cache River Basin in southern Illinois is a unique ecosystem holding important wetlands, including one of only sixteen in the United States listed by the United Nations’ UNESCO division as wetlands of “international importance.”

Fee Fee Road Bridge, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Replacement of a bridge on Fee Fee Road in Maryland Heights, Missouri required relocation of a small stream channel.

Dead River/Hoist Dam, Marquette County, Michigan

A penstock above the powerhouse failed and released flows of up to 3,000 cfs. Sandy soils around the powerhouse and adjacent areas were eroded and carried into the Dead River.

Fishpot Creek, St. Louis County, Missouri

Fishpot Creek in western St. Louis County is an Ozarkian drainage network that has relatively steep slopes and channels in which the underlying carbonate rock-chert strata are exposed. Coarse sediment dominates geomorphic processes. The watershed is heavily developed and channel instability and flooding problems are common.

Mackinaw River, Central Illinois

The Mackinaw River Watershed, a 1,100-square-mile basin in central Illinois, holds some of the most diverse aquatic communities in the state. These ecosystems are threatened, however, by intensive row-crop agriculture and other impacts.

Seeley Creek, Oakland County, Michigan

Though we have previously concluded that significant channel change as the result of baseflow increase is unlikely in Seeley Creek, ongoing concerns by some stakeholders over stability led us to suggest channel morphology monitoring. Our monitoring work, consisting of 19 monumented channel transects, will provide incontrovertible evidence of channel change.