riparian rap

Flood in St. Louis, Em4 news, Detroit work.

Cara and I are closing in on our Detroit work reporting, here’s a little transect plot from that. I really hate doing all day science writing without coffee. Fifty-something more days.

The Em4’s articulation mechanism will be done tomorrow, and Kate and I are heading to St. Louis with a big truck to fetch it. Very exciting. The photos look wonderful. Here’s a peek; I can’t publish that much on the web because we don’t want to give away the design we sweated so much over, and technically we’ve yet to make a penny on this multi-year endeavor. More Em4 here.

We did get that flood in St. Louis (haven’t heard about Iowa), and our Fishpot Creek project site there was hit with 6,000 cfs. Eric Karch from Reitz & Jens sent over these photos, which confirmed a prediction I’d made, namely that the bar would rebuild during the first large flood. Nice when that happens (and nice of Eric to send the photos). The rip rap work you see, by the way, was strictly an emergency measure to protect some threatened houses.