riparian rap

Floodestate, and a sign for LRRD.

Flooding in the Midwest has been serious. This is just down the road from my house, here shown in this afternoon’s pouring rain.

Imagine being in the subprime meltdown and underwater.

Lots of news at LRRD.

We’re hard at work on Em4 design and production.

We’re also thinking about sign for the empty yoke at 514 East Main. This stretch of busy highway 13 is pretty ugly.

A friend gave us an old, no longer seaworthy Grumman canoe last month, and Jessie suggested we could create a Carbondale landmark with it.

Our friends and talented metal artists at Sauer Machine in St. Louis have offered to make a sign for us. Maybe this great old canoe can be part of it. I’ve Photoshopped it in here, with Jesse and a level rod for scale. I’m thinking of a few hundred 3/8″ holes to reduce its wind profile, and something like this. A little tilt for the canoe, the logo and our initials. Neon, maybe?