riparian rap

Flooding close to home, and Em4 happiness.

We have serious flooding in the Midwest–many rivers will peak at records over the weekend. Go here for St. Louis media reports.

As I drove home under a beautiful blue sky and warmish weather I passed a neighbor’s house threatened by the Big Muddy here, and had to help. We’re not too far vertically or horizontally from the Mississippi River. This landscape is still adjusting to the late Pleistocene.

Forgoing the Friday beer I was craving, I stopped and talked and then fetched my laser level and an old level rod and we set up a stage monitoring system for a couple of houses. We duct-taped a level rod to a swingset. The NOAA prediction adds about 3 feet to the elevation I surveyed, so they should be OK if their pumps hold out.

It felt good, and I’m kind of proud of the drawing I left with them. The last photo shows Wood Road very near my house.

Cara and I talked with our wonderful Em4 collaborators today. Very exciting stuff.