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For Sale or Lease: 514 East Main in Carbondale, Illinois

After a great eight-year run in this building, we’ve moved to a bigger one.

For sale $195,000, we’ll consider leasing.

–4,500 square feet
–All level concrete floors with garage door entry
—Truss design; any internal wall can be removed/moved

—Less than 1/2 mile from SIUC campus
—Four blocks to downtown Carbondale.
—Earth sheltered with thick concrete walls on three sides, very solid and secure.
—Faces Highway 13 in Carbondale; the busiest road in town.

—Southern exposure; great light and perfect for solar installation.
—Parking for 16+ cars, easy access.  Plenty of free parking nearby.

—New 30-year metal roof installed by Baine Roofing.
—New, state of the art sun tunnel lighting.
—New HVAC, great insulation and energy efficiency.
—Ground-level access with garage door, and level concrete floor.
—Well-maintained and updated electricals, including three-phase access.
—Underground cable Internet.

This building should be maintenance-free for many years.


Baine Roofing installing metal roof in 2012.

We have updated and fixed all major mechanicals, this building should be maintenance free for many years.

2008  just after after we moved in.

Contact Steve Gough at, Beth Fisher at, or Bob Davenport at (618) 924-3644.